Hong Kong Style- Real Gourmet Chinese

Balls Deep

Chef Lui Cheuk Hung (real name) is brilliant. He is a world class chef who cooks authentic & delicious Hong Kong Style dishes. By far, the best Chinese food in Buenos Aires, so far. The fried sweet & sour Mero is one of the best Chinese dishes I've ever had. English friendly!

Located in Chinatown (Belgrano)

CLOSED Wednesday!

Hong Kong Style.

Montaneses, 2149[/COLOR]

Tele- 4 786-3456


I have eaten here several times in the last few weeks, and this has become my favorite Chinese restaurant in Buenos Aires.

They have several dim-sum type entradas, all of which are tasty, and the whole mero (grouper) is, in fact, excellant. I am going there tonight to try the peking duck, which must be ordered an hour in advance. I'll report back, although the last time I was there the next-door table had ordered it and it looked pretty good!

I have tried most of the joints in barrio china, and although some are better then others this one stands out. My second favorite is a place called Sabia, on the corner of Montenesas and Munroe, which also offer some different dishes (try the stuffed lychees &/or the pork ribs with anise.)




SilverStar said:
I can't seem to find my wife's favorite, General Tso's Chicken, I think that dish was invented in NY.
It wasn't and the general actually existed. He was a general during the warlord cliques part of Chinese history during the 20th century (1919-1927ish).

That is if I remember my history classes correctly.

Also because China is huge there are many many regional cuisines you will encounter once then never again because of the tremendous variety of choice.


I went to Hong Kong Style yesterday for dinner and I must say it is very very good! The waiters are very nice, the food is super fresh and well prepared. the prices are intermediate and the place is nicely decorated. I had some shrimp past, dim sum, squid and beef with black pepper.


I had planned to go here yesterday but I was foiled again! The hours listed on guia oleo are not correct. They are now open for dinner only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I don't know if this is temporary.


citygirl said:
Oooh - glad I saw this, will try on Monday next week. Thanks for the recommendation!
Not for lunch! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday closed for lunch! (I think my post above is not very clear).