How far will the downturn be in Argetina?


My friends/family from the States keep asking me how Argentina is doing with the recession. I keep telling them we are not having massive layoffs like the States. Since most people use CASH there is not much of a credit issue. I keep them inform on the down turn in commodities and the drought. But now I'm wondering what is going to happen with Argentina? I still don't believe Argentina will fall as bad as other places. What is your view?

Yesterday Cnn had a video about the industrial side of Argentina.


I think since the s**t hits the fan in ARG every ten years or so, there is less to crumble. It's like having a forest fire every now and again, as opposed to the States, that hasn't had one since 1940's.


Read the article in the link below. The author suggests that emerging market countries will have a worse time than the U.S. My guess with the government there is that it could be much worse than other places. I read one prediction that Argentina may have to start importing beef to satisfy domestic demand as early as next year. The immediate outlook for Argentina appears grim unless the world demand for agriculture commodities improves soon.


Stanexpat said:
No it's fine but I would say that eventually there's nothing left to burn. Look at the new CIA directors assessment of the situation. I assume they have basis for this concern.
There's also a rumor in the blogosphere -- purportedly based on a recent Russian foreign ministry report -- that the US authorities are bracing themselves for a summer of riots and demos in the USA.