How many of you made the move to Argentina solo?


Jun 14, 2008
Hi Everyone,
As I prepare to move to Buenos Aires shortly, I'm feeling both excited and extremely anxious! I'll be making the big move on my own.
I'm just wondering how many of you also made the move solo?
Did you find it easy to integrate with the locals?
My Spanish is basic but I hope that will change rapidly upon arrival in BA!

I moved her sola. When I came, I didn't know I was actually "moving," but over a year and a half later, that's what it has turned into. As for interacting with the locals, I personally feel the experience is not the same if your Spanish is "basic" as you say. But it doesn't mean you can't interact. Take it easy, and be patient.
Hi allcraz,
Thanks, well in relation to the language barrier, I'm hoping that the locals will want to practise their English with me and vice versa!
The locals will definitely want to practice their English with you! There are many websites where you can find ´language exchange partners´. Search for ´language exchange´ or ´intercambio de idiomas´ in google and you´ll find many sites. It´s a great way to practice the language, and meet locals!! But that alone won´t teach you spanish - you´ll want to take some classes, if you say your spanish is basic. the best way to learn is a combination of classes, exchanges, and just general immersion (say, speaking spanish at home). If you do that you´ll certainly learn so much in one year. (If not, you could be one of the many foreigners who live in Bs As long periods without learning a word of spanish! ha)
I made the move alone a year and a half ago, and I´ve found it very difficult to integrate, both for language reasons and just because porteños aren´t usually looking formore friends (the lifestyle here is such that people are often too busy to see their current friends, let alone look for new ones!!). The integration I´ve achieved here is almost solely due to my finding a boyfriend here....which is not recommendedfor this purpose. :)
It´s scary to move countries by yourself - but you´ll find you´ll love it here. Good luck!!
Definitely work on getting your Spanish as advanced as possible, as quickly as possible. Do whatever you have to: classes, intercambios, watching TV with subtitles, reading translations of children's books you've already read in English, etc. I've found "intergrating" and meeting people quite easy here as porteños are friendly and outgoing (especially after spending 5 months in comparatively cold, closed-off Chile). I move around a lot - always by myself - and the most important thing for me anytime I'm somewhere new is establishing myself as a local somewhere, usually a cafe where I can sit and read and eat pastries and empanadas/whatever local delicacy there is. If you can do this your life will at least feel familiar once a day. Otherwise, after-work happy hours (which often go until midnight) are a good place to meet people; I recommend Bar Gibraltar or Shamrock to start since both English and Spanish speakers hang out there (also, Bar Gibraltar has wicked good green curry, a rarity in SA).
I made it solo, and basically didn't speak any spanish on arrival. You'll want to get on that quickly - I've found that outside of organized groups that meet for the purpose, many Argentines will say they want to practice their English in exchange for you practicing Spanish, but on a day to day basis won't, and you'll find you need to do the fitting in with the language as quickly as you can. Still, it's not hard to get around and figure things out pretty rapidly.
I made the move solo as well - introduced to the city shortly thereafter as I was mugged on my third day in Plaza San Martin. Despite that everything has gone well. My Spanish is pretty limited, but I can get around on the bus/subway just fine and hope it'll improve with practice at work and elsewhere. I know it can be frustrating not being able to understand anyone!
Solo here as well. I have had little difficulty meeting locals. My spanish is sub-standard but if your a nice person and fun to go out with they will love you. Websites that promote meetups between travelers and locals are great. is great.
Hello there BA expat solos, my name is Christina and I've moved from the US ten months ago, slowly making my home here. Even though I can get by in Spanish and I have made friends here, and I do things I enjoy, I would like to get together from time to time with expats, for example solos that I could exchange ideas with and give/get support from. Does this strike any cord? Would you like to have a cup of coffee together and go from there? Let me know.

All the best to each of you.
Hello Christina ! Join the Club !! I moved to Buenos Aires end of January and went back to Europe for 5 months. Just moved back and I will be delighted to share/exchange ideas and give support. I live in Plaza San Martin with two roommates (1 French guy and a Dutch one both working fulltime). Send me an email anytime and I will happy to reply. In the meantime, try to live life to its fullest. Liliane