How To Bring In Dollars And Exchange For Pesos

I just take about 6000 or so pesos per month in the ATM, and pay for the rest with credit card. I'm fortunate to be able to pay rent to my landlords into a US bank account. It means only 2 trips to ATM, with some hefty fees, but it's better than trying to spend hours dealing with banks. What about traveler's checks? I know that's old school, but are there any banks that will exchange at the official rate with traveler's checks? If so, you could carry 10,000 with you in traveler's checks. If it gets stolen, you're covered.


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If you want to live like a local, avoid the local banks as much as possible!
See: Argentina banking history with particular focus on the corralito of 2001
Sorry, but there is no solution to this problem. There is no convenient and legal way to bring money into argieland. They will get you coming and going, whether its the ATM scalping you or the banks and western union fleecing you. And if you were to have say, US$3000 sent to you every month for a period of years, you can be charged with money laundering. There are people in jail right now because they sent regular payments of about US$1000 abroad month after month. Argies cross the river to Uruguay where they have bank accounts, get their cash and come back on the boat without declaring it.