I See Larger Headcount Of Gringo In Argentina Vs Rest

Hi forum..
Beside my all questioning here about how to bringing in US dollar for a venture placement in Bs As. Why you guys and girls choosing to live in BsAs instead of neighbouring Chile's Santiago de Chile instead.? I reckon, they are twice if not triple amount of gringo genre living in Argentina vs Chile or Peru or Brazil and elsewhere in Central~Southern America? I hear nothing but grief from all or the majority here every day about your loving and chosen place the Argentina despite all the adversity, you still prefering to staying in CFK governed land? It must have its big Aura or some unknown divine charisma, thus so for you all to get magnetised and perhaps be trapped in the Tango y la pasion land, and not wanting to leave your mecca..? Whilst in Chile forum, the Gringos there all talks about Argentina as if it were the scum landia of all South America. Then why, I ask myself.. Why are the Argentine living Gringo expats surpass in numbers vs the Chilean Gringo expats?...Is it the life style or the culture~hsitory of Argentineans well felted to your senses? What is it folks? I really want to know.I have encountered and aquinted with both latin characters whilst I was going through school back in the 70s in N.Y.C....I remember the Argentineans immigrants to New York areas where more candid and playful bunch than the Chilenos being more stern faced genre so I remember. Chile's economy is booming for a while vs the Argentine ones, well you already know what's been happening there for so long ...So anyone here care to enlighten me and satisfy my simple curiosity of not much important vector...
This was said in another thread just recently, but Chile can be pretty boring. I think santiago is a good place to visit once, the cost can be fun and of course chile is amazing for a wine trip but I wouldnt dream of living in Santiago, even though life can be easier there. Buenos Aires can be complicated but it is still a fascinating city in a way Santiago will never be.
Because women and men are better looking European stock at Sudaca Prices ....!! (SEX) and prices were lower... ! Add to that good beef . Am I forgetting something.... :p