I want to send post cards...


May 18, 2009

I have been requested, from loved ones in the states, to send postcards.

I live in Recoleta and I am not sure where to go to send them out. Also, I have heard stories about the mail not arriving.... is that frequently true? Is it only coming into BA? And.... Do you know how much it costs (pesos) to send postcards?

Thank you in advance.

Kelly of JoeKelly711 :)
you can buy stamps and send postcards in a "Correo Argentino" Look for a store that has a blue sign with Correo argentino written in red- it is branded essentially. There are not many real post offices, but most Locutorio's are correo's. Also some office supply stores. I spent 5.50pesos to send a postcard a few days ago.

I am a fiend for sending postcards. Over two years I've probably sent about 75 and only 2-3 never showed up at their final destination, a pretty good track record I think. BUT I always go to the post office and wait in the very long line (I usually bring blank postcards with me to fill the time).

Make sure they are all clearly addressed, including the combination of USA/EEUU at the end. You tell the postal worker how many cards you have and that they're for the states. They print out a sheet of stamps and affix them to the card for you, though I usually ask to do it or at least help them do it since they tend to be sloppy about placement. Leave a LOT of space, the stamps are huge.

2 years ago stamps were 2,90 I believe; now they're up to 5,50 and cost more if the postcard is a nonstandard shape.

Postcards can arrive in as little as 5 days or as many as 30.

Good luck!
A GREAT way to send cards of any kind to many countries, as well as the U.S. is using a service called Send Out Cards. You create the card online using one of over 15,000 designed cards, or your own photos, then the company in Utah, USA prints them, places them in the envelopes (if necessary), stamps them, and mails them to your recipient(s) for you. No standing at the counter picking out cards, or waiting in line at the post office. Once you enroll in the service, the postcards cost as little as $0.31 USD. The postage is $0.28 USD for a total of $0.59 USD.

You can even upload your own handwriting into a font to add the text to your cards. AND save your recipients in a contact manager which will remind you of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, and makes sending holiday cards a snap. You can send gifts and gift cards as well if you want. I LOVE it!!!

It's also a great tool for following up with clients/customers, and building business relationships. Invaluable.

You can try it out by sending your first 2 cards free at www.sendoutcards.com/freecard2day Click on "Click here to send a free card", turn up your speakers, and you will be guided through the simple steps.
don't put anything in those red mailboxes in the street. I was about to, then a friend told me they were basically decoration and probably hold letters from the 1950s in them.
esllou said:
don't put anything in those red mailboxes in the street. I was about to, then a friend told me they were basically decoration and probably hold letters from the 1950s in them.

Maybe would they be full by now ?
I thought those red boxes is where Santa Claus hides during the year.
Postcards are even nicer when they have real stamps affixed. Correo Argentino has many ordinary picture stamps and regularly brings out special editions - the most recent being the "Velas Sudamérica 2010" in February - but if you use a franchise shop you will probably only find the printed paper labels so rather use a genuine Post Office. Ask for Sellos or Estampillos (they seem to use the terms interchangably on their website). If you are lucky you will find a stamp enthusiast serving you who will go to a lot of trouble to make up the value you require in the most interesting and colourful combinations. This has only happened to me once, but it was delightful. Oh, and if you are a philatelist or whatever, you can get sheets, first day covers etc, etc, if you ask for them. Browse http://www.correoargentino.com.ar/filatelia/filat.php before you go.
The DHL booth located outside Alto Palermo (on Santa Fe) used to have this postcard service... I sent some a couple of years ago. You can choose from a variety of postcards they have, pay 2 US$ (that was the price at the time, if I remember correctly) and they take care of mailing it out for you.