I went to "bang my pot" last nite!


Mar 27, 2008
Last nite I passed by the "cacerolazo" at the Olivos Presidential Resisdence, and boy,... if you need to relieve stress, it´s THE thing to do! Believe me: Forget psychotherapy, yoga, massages.
Just go bang your pan loud enough for the Presidenta to hear ya!!
Now I´m printing out some signs with great legends. I´ll get back to you all with more on this.
How about:
Los extranjeros tambien tienen derechos humanos
I am sure you would get a good group for that one!
Updating the situation, the Government is trying to wear out and divide the protestors, by dragging out negotiations without discussing any real solutions. They are promising to kick back some of the taxes they are reaping in from the small farm producers, but these are not as uneducated as the "villeros" the Gov. pushes around all the time, and they are NOT lazy, nor socialists, so they are NOT accepting to be given "handouts" with their own hard-earned money.
However Kristina is not a real democrat: she´s a Demo-K-Rat who as such believes she´s perfect, and always right. With that mind-set she won´t go back on the tax hike, so things are not looking good for today´s summit meeting.
It's this socialism that (together with certain cultural attributes and an overweening governmental bureaucracy) first made and now has kept first-world Argentina, with superb natural and human resources, so impoverished as the better-off among third-world nations. Where is the politician of clear vision and magnetic personality who can be elected to a position that would allow of a constrained government (with the weight of those reduced powers placed not with a quasi-dictatorial presidency but diluted in an effectual congress) and an inspired economy?
So how much were the taxes raised and who gets the hit?

Thanks for educating the uneducated!
That was fun, I was shooting at Plaza de Mayo that night when a melee blew everything wide open (broke my flash in the process, ironically, by another journalistThis ). What an experience!!! beats covering a US protest any day and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I kinda wished that I have my riot gear with me...