I Went To See A Band...


Usually when I am in Buenos Aires, I try to see Argentine bands. Every once in a while, though, there is something so interesting I break that rule and go. We went to see Ibeyi a week or so ago, and it is still reverberating in my head. We went to a club we often go to, Niceto, which is perhaps 500 to 1000 person capacity, with good sound and lights, and, in the argentine style, 3 bars. It was full.
There obviously are a lot of fans, and this was the first argentine show ever of these twin sisters, who are venezuelean/cuban women born in paris. They are based in france, and big in europe. Their father was a famous percussionist, who played with everybody, and one of them, Naomi, learned from him, while her sister Lisa plays keyboards.
Their stage presence is carefully thought out, with matching red jumpsuits and white sneakers, 2 keyboard stations and 2 percussion stations, so they can roam and sing and play all over the stage.
They are very contemporary, and yet very aware of history- there is some gospel, soul, african music, hip hop, and jazz in what they do, but its all them.
They sing in english, french, spanish, and yoruba.
They play an audience effortlessly, having been touring and recording pretty much nonstop for the last 3 years or so.

And boy, do they bring it, live.
If you look on line, you can see videos of them playing tiny clubs, tv shows, and big stadiums, and they shine equally in all.

Here is a clip of them on an Italian variety show- the music doesnt really start until a minute in- doing a song based on a Michelle Obama quote.

Without all the production values of Italian TV, they are more raw and rocking, upclose and personal.
And, of course, they have been singing together all their lives. The vocal harmonies are intuitive.