I Went To See A Band...


I loved Tomi Lebrero! Saw him no so long ago in Biblioteca Nacional. The acoustic of that place is lovely. I definitely need to stop by the new Matienzo :)


Tomi is playing one more Miercoles in january- the 29th- at Cafe Vinilo, which is a great place to see him.

The new Matienzo is pretty fun- I was thinking of going tonight, but its just too damn hot... I probably will drag myself over there tommorow, though.


I think Cumbia can be literally any kind of music in the world, as long as you shout the word "Cumbia" at least once during a song.
I went to Matienzo last night, and saw three very distinct variations on the Cumbia Meme.
El Sonido Real opened- 3 synths, an electronic drummer, and a left handed strat. With strong psychedelic tendencies, there were times you could swear Ray Manzarek was on organ. Plus, the third keyboard player played all the "bass" with his left hand, just like Ray did in the Doors.
no vids I can find- bandcamp- http://elsonidoreal.bandcamp.com/
They were pretty entertaining, as if you did a cumbia mashup of 80's rock records.

Then, El Hijo de Cumbia- Dreadlocked, spliff weilding (when the fan in Matienzo wasnt blowing it out) electro dub/cumbia DJ.
I liked his set- he kept it just Cumbia enough to keep all the chicas dancing (chicas LOVE cumbia) but was sonically all over the map, a bit of an argentine FatBoy Slim.

The headliners were these crazy guys from Mexico. Astros de Mendoza
I am always amazed, in Argentina, at the supreme musicianship of all the bands- they all grew up playing classical music flawlessly, before going to the dark side. But Argentina is not known for funk, their idea of roots music is Sublime cover bands. I guess they dont realize Sublime style Ska is music made by white middle class potheads from the suburbs who were afraid to go downtown, and were born too late to be punks...
Mexico, on the other hand, is funky. This band obviously grew up with a much more diverse set of influences- a twenty something these days has had the Beastie Boys played in the house since birth, along with all kinds of punk, goth, metal, dub, electronic, and pop- the Mexicans are much wider ranging in their tastes, and go for wilder stuff.
This band constructed layer upon layer of joke, reference, sample, one-liners, and brain teasers, all over a solid cumbia beat- it wandered, a bit, from cumbia, but always came back, with a live bass player, and lots of live percussion. They were funny, hip, and you could dance to em.
Plus, they all came onstage in matching, Love Boat style white blazers and Don Johnson V Neck tees, and the leader wore his captains hat from gilligans Island. Of course, in the heat, the blazers didnt last long, but its the thought that counts...
Fer instance, a totally tongue in cheek "Tubthumping" cumbia style, that degenerates, live, into a dozen different riffs, before starting to sample the clash, drop science, and bring a couple dozen chicas on stage.
Well worth staying up for, and it took about 30 seconds to get a cab at 4am on the corner of Pringles and Cordoba. Try that in any US city.

I am sure 90% of the audience has no idea who the clash are, but I dug it. I am old, though.


I am not in BsAs right now-
But if I was, I would be heading to see Paloma Del Cerro at La Playita tonight.
She is really great in any venue, but La Playita is basically a house party- they have a little bar, cheap beer, and you sit ten feet from her.


I go see live music all the time here -maybe it's a Seattle thing :) ) but I don't record that often, I put something up the other day in another thread from the tango show at the Casa rosado, I'll try and find it to repost here.

In the meantime... Al gran pueblo Argentino ¡Salud!



Friday night at Matienza- a cumbia punk marching band.
tubas. trombones. what could possibly be bad about this?

French jurist

During the next 3 wednesdays, Onda Vaga will be at the Niceto club.

(starts at 2:30 min in the YT video)