If anyone wants to understand why Argentina is in hot water again $$$..

According to a UK financial journalist Argentina belonging to Mercosur is one thing which is holding this country back. That may well be true but I could think of 101 other things as well.

Macri has my sympathies.
I totally agree, the Peronist Ks left the time bomb & now we get the 'Closet Ks/Peronista$ coming out to finish off the rest of the hatchet job. The one positive point about the MAcri crew (as incompetent as they are) is that at least they don't attempt steal $ in wheelbarrows in full daylight. Contrary to pop leftie's belief, MAcri is more left of center , after all he's just the son of a rich papa, he doesn't have the instinct of a true capitalist. Hopefully there's still a semi-awakened middle class that blocks the decades long Peronist pattern.
Seriously?, I have never seen so much corruption.
Seems to be allot of that going around in some circles of the country. :rolleyes:
This is because in the last 70 years there were different tones on totalitarism, Macri included that in the way he use power he copy Hitler (to rule by decree, to extort judges, to try to control the Court, political persecution) and the decrees he enacts use Baumbach and De Boor thesis, both of them nazis.
This is why it is always the same, some times it is a mild nationalsocialism (Peron), some others a fascism (Ongania, Duhalde, Rodriguez Saa), strong nazism (Videla), etc.
I can't tell if Bajo is serious or trolling.. Whatever they are feeding the students at UBA is some good stuff thats for sure, they come out throwing nazi accusations around like nothing. I think he needs some time outside Argentina. Australia would be a good choice.