Insane Dog Barking


The building across from mine has a dog that goes out on the balcony literally every day and barks hysterically the whole day...not one hour but the whole day. It's getting impossible to sleep in or to do any work. What are my options? What's the law in Argentina about something like this...

At first I thought it was abandoned but today after I yelled at it from across the buildings and shushed and told it to shut up I heard its owner from inside yell at it to shut up. It's unbelievable to me that this woman tolerates her dog doing that day in day out.

The dog is clearly disturbed (I hear it crying at night sometimes) and I believe its owners are probably stupid or insane too. If I go and complain to their building's encargado they might just beat their dog up or something. I'm also fond of animals and don't want anything to happen to this dog. I just want the bitch owner to keep it inside or teach it not to spazz out and bark all day.

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I heard a story of an EEUU couple who were having their Congresso apartment renovated. The (alleged) noise disturbed a woman in an adjacent building so much that she was able to have the work halted. I don't know the outcome. Maybe they had to kill the woman?
I think that they're more apt to beat you up, than the dog.


I saw the woman outside today and yelled at her to have the dog stfu

I feel bad for the doggie tho...why is it barking like that all day...and it cries at night :*(


offer to take the dog out for walks...borrow 2-3 friends' dogs and say "hey, while I've got these, let me take yours too". Do it for week or two and then quietly take it to caring, loving dog pound and tell them you found it on a street corner. Go back and say "crazy illegal peruvian immigrants stole your dog" to woman...hand her the dog lead with a sad look on your face.

Win win. Problem solved.


How many neighbors must be affected by the horrible barking? Dozens, hundreds? And they either do NOTHING (my guess) or a few complain and NOTHING happens. It's amazing how much Argentines will put up with! There is a terrace close to my apt. which is used occasionally by loud, rude and drunken Recoleta kids. They often start their parties at 2 or 3 in the morning and go on all night. Hundreds, if not a couple of thousand people, have to be affected by the shouting and the blasting rock music but the parties keep going on. Sadly few Porteños simply care about their neighbors. I have never experienced such a discordant society anywhere else.


sergio said:
I have never experienced such a discordant society anywhere else.
It's call it 'live and let live'...and that's the beauty of all of this, is one of the keys to peace (not the noise) in our lives...this is given a new meaning of to the phrase 'your rights end where mine begin' sense in here.


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It really is a matter of perspective. People like Lucas like the disorder and lack of involvement here because they hold the value "live and let live" where as Sergio and Polostar dislike it because they hold the value "respect your neighbors and keep the peace". The level of each of these in the population changes from neighborhood to neighborhood and from country to country. Argentines don't say anything, in my opinion, not because they hold the value "live and let live" but because they seem to hold the belief "there's nothing you can do anyway" - at least this is what they tell me when I ask them about it. There is the issue of big city life. People do get used to noise and learn to tune it out. They learn to dismiss it by holding the thought that babies cry, dogs bark, neighbors yell, kids party, that's life. It's the same reason they learn to just walk on by when someone slams into them on the street or pushes past them in the grocery store. In a way they maintain their sanity in a big, loud, crazy city by ignoring it.

If you are able, you might try saying something politely first. When someone does something we don't understand we often ascribe evil intent, note that you have already decided she's a bad person with malice/aforethought. If you assume it just doesn't occur to her that she's bothering anyone and you let her know how sensitive you are to it, perhaps she'll do something differently. If this thread is any indication we all seem to have a sense that Argentines don't complain, and if no one has ever complained maybe it really just doesn't occur to her that it bothers you. The truth is it doesn't automatically mean anything about the dog but that it's bored and is in the habit of barking all day. The dog may be perfectly happy. Why would he stop barking if no one tells him to?

I wish you luck, try a note, or a conversation, then the police. I'm sorry you're going through this, it can be hard, glad it's not me...


Lucas said:
It's call it 'live and let live'...and that's the beauty of all of this, is one of the keys to peace (not the noise) in our lives...this is given a new meaning of to the phrase 'your rights end where mine begin' sense in here.
Lucas, is there a moment when you're ever introspective or the least bit critical of your culture and society?

I'd love to "let live" the 15-16 year old Argentine teens who frequent my street corner to get drunk, throw bottles, and act like they're grown......or my neighbors who see no reason to discipline their devil children that insist on throwing tantrums and screaming at the top of their lungs at all hours of the day. Only problem is they annoy the hell out of me and my Argentine neighbors.

I don't see how all that could be a key to's more like a key to misery, dysfunction, and hell.

Speaking of which, does anyone know if I can call the police on my neighbors for being bad parents?!!! :D