Internet Providers Which one do you have?

Which provider do you have?

  • Fibertel (Cable)

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  • Speedy (ADSL Telefonica)

    Votes: 35 67.3%
  • Arnet (ADSL Telecom)

    Votes: 8 15.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 13 25.0%

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Fibertel is giving me 3M download and .25M upload, -which is what I'm paying for.

Download speed has varied greatly in the past but seems to have gotten a little better now.

They are definitively restricting large file downloads. The first mp3 album downloads at 3Mb/s, but the next one may take 30 minutes. If you work with video, you may want to look for another provider.



Fibertel - it's horrible. My technician says there is nothing better. I don't see why they can't do better. There are lots of qualified technical people in BA.


2GuysInPM said:
But you have to be careful with the fine print on all of those services. Also 3g service around the city and province can be spotty, so it might be worth trying the prepaid one time to test the service in your neighborhood, before getting locked into a contract.

Good luck! ;)
I'll be moving to BsAs for a few months and will (unfortunately) require one of the 3G internet receivers for my laptop. My landlord has suggested movistar, but I'm not sure whether I should go prepaid or contract. Could the contract be monthly or do they require longer terms? (I will only be living in that apartment, and consequentially only require the service, for the first two months of my stay) I trade stocks during the day so I will be using the connection for 7-10 hours on weekdays. Any advice would be very welcome.

Also, my Spanish is decent but not up to catching legal loophole levels. Is there anything out of the ordinary I should be looking out for?


As far as I know, contracts go for 1 year or more. It might also be difficult (or even imposible) to get a contract if you can't prove residency here. I know for Personal and Claro we had to show proof of residency, DNI, plus other stuff. But someone else here said they did not need a DNI with Movistar to get a cell contract. I have no experience with them, so I can't say for sure.

Good luck! :rolleyes:


sergio said:
Fibertel - it's horrible. My technician says there is nothing better. I don't see why they can't do better. There are lots of qualified technical people in BA.
Well, the problem is really the infrastructure here. Having worked in the field for Comcast in the US I can tell you that there is nothing better or worse than cable internet. If you have a good solid cabling throughout your house, building, all the way out to the street. And then if the company takes care of things from there, cable internet is untouchable. If your cabling, connectors, and splitters suck, well so will your internet.

Even in the US we have issues, but here it is even worse. I have Fibertel, and I have fought tooth and nail to get this configured correctly and 4 months later I am very happy with things. Of course I am quite picky and will pick the phone up and insist on a "truck roll" when I have a problem. I think that they finally got tired of coming to our house and got us set up quite nicely.

Never ever thought I would say I am happy with 3 mb download speed though. Sigh...


i work with the internet all day long so this is interesting...
just gonna throw my opinion into the mix - arnet really bugged me in the last place i was (1mg) - it get disconnecting and i had to reset the modem/computer at least once a day.

i moved and tried to get telecentro 3 in 1 deal for $139. they never showed up to install after weeks of hassle, getting permission from the consorcio for their box on the terrace etcetc. went with cablevision/fibertel and so far very minor issues - a couple of random service cuts for 5 minutes for no reason. $160 for cable and internet 3mg.


objectiveous said:
Could you please run speedtest [1] and pingtest [2] like the other users did (connecting to Washington DC) and post the results?

If you're connection is appreciable better than most, I think I start getting those trucks roll'n to my place.
Well... not quite so sure this is really going to be helpful. These are going to be more or less the maximum speeds I get which are as advertised - 3 mb download and 256k upload (say what?). I would not expect to get any better than that.

The network here surprisingly seemed to be pretty consistent throughout the day though. Where the speeds really dropped off was as soon as I hit the international lines. Very inconsistent and vary greatly based on time of day and I assume traffic.

On my end the numbers that probably matter the most are what my modem shows which I suppose really aren't that bad considering...

SNR = 37.8
Power = 0.2 db

Power = 48.2 dBmV


And btw... the story is the same on techs here as they are in the US. There are some good ones and there are others that wouldn't know their backside from a hole in the ground.

If you have issues, you just got to keep calling. Each time they come to your house it costs them time and money, eventually they will send someone that knows what they are doing to get it right.

And for the record... Fibertel DOES have a supervisor that speaks english. You may have to fight and argue to get through to him but he's there. Sorry don't remember his name, I only needed him one time. I have since learned to bitch and complain just fine in spanish. :)