Dec 7, 2006
I am so pissed!!! (angry!!) Last week I called LAN Airlines to get a quote on airfare from BA to Bariloche. A girlfriend has family down there and she wanted me to go with her and see the "south." I am an American Aadvantage member so I chose them to get the miles. Everything went very well during the conversation with the agent in the beginning and she quoted me a price of 746 pesos per person round-trip. I told her that I wanted to purchase the tickets and started giving her my girlfriend's info and then mine. When she heard that I had a U.S. passport instead of a DNI she paused and said that the fare would be different for me. I asked her how much and why. She said my ticket would be 1425 pesos round-trip and that she didn't know why...that was their policy. I asked to speak to a superviisor and she hung up on me. At that point, I was so angry I didn't even want to go to the south.
How can American Airlines have a partner airline such as LAN that participates in this double-pricing scam that they use here? I am in the process of writing that is going to do any good.:(
Unfortunately LAN and Aerolineas Argentinas have different (as you found, almost double) prices for foreigners. I wouldn't waste the time to write a letter...
This is common practice. Get a DNI and fly for about a third of the price, it's that simply. It has nothing to do with American or anything else, it is a two teir fee structure. I wouldn't let that deter you from visiting the south. You could always take the overnight bus with super cama or fly on LADE, which is a little cheaper. Suerte!
Think that in many US states there are big discounts for residents, which makes foreigners´rates more expensive in comparison ( for example Disney )
Lots of threads on this subject.
Don't feel too wounded, there's a law that states that airlines have to offer residents cheap flights. If you get residency and a DNI you qualify for this discount, if not you pay the full fare.
Argentina is not the only country in the world that has two tiered pricing system. I do not agree with this in regards to airline flights as I believe that if you can afford to travel in Argentina by this route all fares should be equal.

I do believe though that disavantaged people and pensioners should always get discounts for travel.
I always found LAN expensive anyway for flying regardless of where you're going.
noo, Lan has such a promotions, now they have $460USD buenos aires - bogota round trip...I prefer Taca, but in this times the price is more relevant...but regarding the post, its very common than locals pay less tan tourist, as oyu said, in Dineyland and in many placesin South America as well...the problem here is the customer support that is like speak with a wall, but I realize that also in the States, to speak with the supervisor doesn't mean anything, cs reprsent in such a polite way that makes it more annoying...but I guess in South America you feel just helpless with all the burocracy and the bad manners of cs representatives...I certainly stop complaining, you can probaly call it conformism but after many years gettin pissed off for the cs I decided is more healthy to my hearth to let it go :)