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Who Will Win PASO Macri or Fernandez

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At best this shows a lack of empathy, at worst sheer nastiness. Look, I personally, through gritted teeth would have voted Macri but demonizing those who voted against him after the shit pie he delivered in the last four years is too harsh.

Aside from the fact that many Argentinians have grown accustomed, or maybe even spoiled, by the cheap beer, cheap asado, planes sociales, and other government help and are like a kid who’s had its toys taken away for years, there is a strong and genuine population who are desperately struggling to put basic food on the table, pay their basic bills, and even paying the public transportation to come into the city back and forth to work is a struggle, these are people who may have at one time given Macri the benefit of the doubt because they may not have liked CFK’s values at the time and Macri promised a change for the better and future and on paper it sounded good—- But these people have now had it and say they don’t care if Cristina robs, just as long as they can get their basic life back.

A lot of people see her as a Robin Hood of sorts, someone who robs but who also shares what she robs (to some extent, I doubt she will ever be handing out Louis Vuitton purses—- Although Evita Perón was famous for literally showering the masses with money so who knows?)
This is very good insight


Bolsonaro needs to come off his high horse and realise that Argentines have a lot of pride (too much sometimes) and most would never dream of leaving Argentina no matter how bad it gets, with rare exceptions being Europe or US.


I’m telling you: She had/now has some people totally bewitched. She says it, and it could be the most absurd thing in the world, but her admirers are so charmed by her that they will literally eat it up.

A lot of people under CFK lived what most people would deem to be “poor” lives but had access to Fútbol Para Todos, cheap beer and cheap asado, and could buy their sneakers at 48 cuotas and live for the day because tomorrow the government will give you another hand out to get by. To them this was the life of Riley because sadly it’s what many have culturally been raised to care about.

Cristina said it was possible to eat on 7 pesos a day, then when meat started to get pricey she said that she preferred pork because it made her horny and went on to share private TMI about a weekend she and nestor had, and also once said that there was less poverty in Argentina than in Germany and many people actually believed her.

The biggest thing is how she stays so relatable to her voting public when she’s a true narcissist snob, wears pairs of shoes that cost more than what most Argentines would earn in 10 years, and even acts out of touch.. “someone told me my right curl is sticking up... Is it better now? Elegance before everything.” — verbatim expression at a recent campaign event.

Many of these things, like many have said, could ONLY happen in Argentina!
Well, it is better that the invisible growth...