Medical Cannabis or Marijuana

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Apr 7, 2008

Medical Cannabis or Marijuana
My friend is visiting from California and was asking if she can get her Medical Marijuana prescription filled in Buenos Aires, Yes this is for real, In California you can get a legal prescription for Marijuana and then go to the pharmacy or dispensary and buy it legally. I did some research on the web and found that just recently they legalized Marijuana in Argentina but since my spanish is not the greatest i did not uderstand exactely what the law is here in Argentina. Is there anyone that can answer these questions about Cannabis or Marijuana in Argentina? 1. Is it availible on prescription from a doctor, pharmacy or dispensary? 2. Is it really legal in Argentina? 3. What is legal in Argentina?,to be intoxicated? to smoke it? to posess? to purchase? to sell? to grow ? to use in public or private?. 4. What kinds do they have in Argentina? 5. Where can you legally buy and how much does it cost?
I'm pretty positive you can grow it and smoke it without falling foul of the law.
jp said:
I'm pretty positive you can grow it and smoke it without falling foul of the law.
This is still very unclear, you can smoke a joint no probs, but be careful, you know how some people like to take advantage of foreigners that do not know the rules and language...
The weed here mostly comes from Paraguay and is not that good. If you can't find any good contact for good homegrown, you can always grow some yourself without getting in to too much trouble (it is de-criminalized here). That is if it is for personal use, so do not over do it. Always good to have a lawyer at hand though because I can imagine the cops sometimes do as they please with the law here.
I don't know if they have any places that sells accessories for growing (nutrients etc). If they exist, they keep a low key. Try picking up the magazine THC here and look for ads.
Good luck.
NO, growing pot is not legal here. The Supreme Court ruled recently that possession is legal because Art. 14 of the Constitution states that the PRIVATE acts of citizens are that, private and the goverment has no business on those. But be aware that growing and selling are still considered ILEGAL. The kid is that possession for PERSONAL use is not ilegal, so mind you, few grams will be safe. If you get mugged by police you have to state that is for PERSONAL USE.
BTW, finding good stuff it's very difficult in BA. Beware of scams. Forget in finding the usual CA stuff, shunk or any even close. Normally you find the stuff that makes you sleepy. In other words, crap.
There was a case recently where the police confiscated two plants from a family somewhere. When it got to court, they rejected the police's case as the defendants claimed personal use, and the court ruled that they were allowed to grow for their personal use.

I think the police had to pay to replace the pots the plants were in, which made me smile....

So it seems that the police can arrest you, but courts won't prosecute. Which is sort of reassuring, but still leaves the door open for police wanting to harrass you.
Marihuana is not legal yet, it's decriminalized, that is, the police can detain you if you are smoking in a public place, but you wont be charged with any crime and the police will have to release you.

It's a gray area because the court ruling is very recent, but everything points out to a coming legalization of drugs.

That said, chances that you get detained by the police for smoking marihuana is very remote.

Acording to THC, you can grow it in your house now. In any case you can try asking them.
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