Money transfer issue anyone?


May 28, 2010
Has anyone been able to make a money transfer this week? I've used several companies (MoneyGram, Remitly, etc) ---different amounts to different ARG banks, both to myself and to relatives since Monday --- and I'm unable to even complete the initial transfer process. As soon as I select the bank (BBVA, Galicia) I get the EXACT same message:

"Today’s Limit Reached.[bank name] limits how much you can send per 12 month(s). You can’t send to [bank name] right now."

This is identical with different transfer companies going to different banks... same layout, font, color, page placement etc. The only difference is the bank name.

My arg bank(s) can't be rejecting the transfer, as I've never been able to get past the bank page on the transfer site (never completed the request to transfer). And I just returned from BBVA and they have NO idea what's going on. According to them, I can transfer unlimited pesos into my account, and they know of nothing preventing a transfer.

To me it seems like the Arg gov has somehow blocked transfers from even being attempted. The gal at the bank said try tomorrow with a small amount. Any better info or ideas?
Interesting that you mentioned this.
At the end of July, I transferred approximately $300,000 pesos to my Supervielle account and about $200,000 to m y husband Santander accountant On MoneyGram. When I needed to transfer again about a week ago (the equivalent of U$110 and $150 respectively), both transactions were cancelled, no reason given. I tried to transfer just $105 again to myself and received another cancellation notification shortly after. I have not attempted again since, but it has been on my mind.
My transfers all last week were slow but I haven't encountered the issue you're referencing before
I correct myself. MoneyGram did not give me the message I quoted. They simply cancelled the transfer soon after I sent it. With their lack of customer service, it isn't possible to get a reason for the cancellation.

I have now sent a transfer with Xoom, but they're rather slow and I won't know if it goes through for a few days.
Slow I can live with. The inability to transfer is much different. I think it's time to use my brokerage account for an income stream rather than transfer services.
By the way, Violet, I made 2 large transfers in August (both with Remitly) and the money was in my Arg account 9 minutes later. No problem there...
I tried using Wise this morning and got an error before I tried sending, saying that they're not able to send transfer ARS at the moment.
I tried using Wise this morning and got an error before I tried sending, saying that they're not able to send transfer ARS at the moment.
Can I open a Wise acc. in AR without DNI and use it for transferring USD to WU?