Mosquito Madness


Jul 12, 2009
Last time I was in BA, I was completely assaulted by those stupid mosquitos.

I am slightly allergic to them here and luckily we have almost none, but my reactions are minor: swelling and majorly itchy for about 15 minutes, then nothing. But in Argentina I am really quite allergic to them - they take ages to go away and are completely annoying - the bite becomes a little swollen and splotchy.

Does anyone have any suggested products or tips for waging war on the little buggars?
The only thing I've found that works is Off, applied liberally and often.
I wake up with some bites and it's annoying, I'm trying to do the hippie thing and eat lots of garlic... not working yet.
Buy a Raid plugin for your house/room. I recommend the kind with liquid, not the individual cards. The liquid ones are more effective and last for 45 days, whereas the cards are supposed to be changed each day. Any grocery store or ferreteria sells them. They are incredible and everyone I know swears by them.
are citronella candles sold anywhere around here?
I have a Raid plug-in liquid sitting in a socket right now in my office. It has never stopped a single mosquito as far as I can tell - I have so many in my office in the evening! I want to open the windows, and the screens are a joke - they have openings between frames and such.

So I put Off on and m not touched :)

I have a number of Citronella candles that I bought at Easy in Pilar. They probably have some in the Easy in Palermo, I'd imagine. They sell a lot of Tiki torches with citronella oil as well. I've had mixed success with those in the yard - it depends on how much the wind is blowing and how many mosquitos there are, it seems.