Need help with Computer Issue!


Jun 4, 2009
Does anyone have any strong technical / computer skills or know a cheap place to take my computer?

I can not reach Gmail from my computer. I can reach all other websites. I've tried turning firewall off, that doesn't work. I've tried reaching gmail through the https:mail.etc and that doesn't work either.

Anyone have ideas or know where I should take my computer?

It could because you ISP is blocking gmail.

I could be because the host file has gmail set to on windows xp/vista/7

open with notepad


if there is a line with gmail in it delete it.. would look like this..

Can you get access to it from another computer from you house..
Thanks for the info. I opened that up and there was nothing in the "etc" folder under windows\systerm32\drivers\etc. It was empty....

I can get to gmail from other computers just not my own.
Make sure you have JavaScript and Cookies enabled in your browser, and report back.
Lucas - thanks for the replies. yes I've tried firefox, google chrome, internet explorer all with cookies enabled. The odd thing is its just gmail that doesn't work, every other site I can get too. Also I can get to gmail from other computers, just not my own, so its not a problem with my gmail account. Its a mystery.
Hey Joanna,
Can you get to your mail by setting up a POP account to it, in a mail program?
Also, try re-setting your router. Just unplug it. Wait for 2 Minutes. Plug back. Wait for router boot to complete.
Then try and connect.
Okay Joanna then try this...
Open your internet explorer and click on the tools
tab. I think it's under internet options. go in and delete all your
browsing history and cookies, make sure the time is set correctly on your
computer, then you won't have any trouble opening your gmail.

Use Google to find a free proxy server (google "free proxy") and try logging into your gamil account through the proxy.

A proxy servr is a computer that will accept your request for a page and basically re-direct it to appear to be coming from them.

If, as I suspect, you are able to access your account through a proxy, we (you) can then start to figure out who is blocking your access and why. My guess is that some previous user of you IP address (a past tenant perhaps) ran afoul of gmails anti-spam blocking and got the IP banned from their routers. If that's the case, the issue may not be easy to resolve, but meanwhile you should be able to continue accessing your account via the proxy.


No point in shouting out random workarounds if all the information you post is 'it doesn't work', we need more info

what do you see when you go to page not found? or you can see the page but you can't click on anytihing? this is very important

have you restarted your modem and router?

deleting cookies and stuff won't do anything if you are saying it doesn't work on any browser, you are sure no one touched your router or your computer?

if you can run a ping from a command line (DOS) box and post the outcome we could see what kind of problem you are dealing with.