new and needing advice!


Sep 22, 2008
hello! i am glad i found your site. i would like to find a great apartment to buy in b.a. and i want the best area possible. if i get to travel a bit, i could then rent my place out. but i want it to live in. do you think i will be in trouble not speaking spanish?

could anyone recommend the best areas? the best way to buy? through an agent? with an owner direct?

any and all advice would be appreciated.

i would consider renting first!
GG, welcome! Be prepared for the negative comments that will be following this post.
I think buying a rental property in BA is a great idea. Tourism is booming, and if done right, you could make a nice little revenue stream when you aren't there.
Be sure to do your homework and use a reputable realtor to assist. I would not do an owner direct deal. IMO, it is worth the 3% in commission to have a realtor and their team assist you.
For areas with the best rental potential for traveller's , I would say Recoleta followed by Palermo and then Puerto Madero are your best bests.
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