New Immigration Decree, Long Life To King Macri!

Argentines' passports are stamped as well, for each exit/entry.
Sorry Ben. Do not want to annoy you. Apologies in advance. On returning to Ezeiza, locals can use their passport in the automatic scanner machine and no stamp is required on the passport, or to be inspected physically by a person.


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No need to apologize, I have no problem whatsoever with being corrected! ;)

At any rate, that would be something fairly new. As in, within last 18 months max. Unless I'm wrong again.
The uk has no death penalty for over 50 years already.The usa,is not a monarchy
This is the problem when you are clueless about the topic and you make a google search.
Alliangiance is related to the crime of treason that was abolishued in the UK in 1998 while regarding to the US, I guess you read the critic of Tiffany to how does it works there...