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The MAPO ferias began today after summer vacation. Here is the regular schedule:

VIERNES 6 – 10 a 16 –
Tribunales. Plaza Lavalle (Lavalle and Libertad)
SÁBADO 7 -10 a 17 -
Parque Rivadavia, Caballito (Rivadavia and Campichuelo)
Plaza Alferez José Maria Sobral, Palermo - (Las Heras & Salguero)
DOMINGO 8 - 10 a 17 -
Plaza Arenales, Devoto. Mercedes y Nueva York


We were walking along Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez for the first time in ages and at the junction with Lincoln called in at a new-to-us store, Freya bolsones agroecologicos. They deliver -erme- bolsones comprising 8kg of organic fruit and veg, currently for $800 per bag divided roughly 5kg veg and the rest fruit. They do other stuff too. We gave them an order for a bolson and they delivered it the same day. We think it is nice stuff. Lincoln and Solano Lopez may be a bit far away from where most of you live but for others it may be convenient. They advertise here,


It's good to see that more of these organic/agroecologico food businesses are starting around the city. I am grateful that one of them, Que Comes Cuando Comes, is a block from my home. Every week they add packaged/bottled (walnuts, raisins, chia, sesame seeds, lentils, beans, olive oil, buckwheat flour, tomato salsa, preserves, mate and many more) products to their list of fruits and vegetables with delivery available ($100). Their 7 kilo bag of fresh-from-the-ground produce is $580ARS.

When their carrot crop wasn't ready for harvest last week, I settled for regular carrots from a verduleria. I quickly discovered my mistake after one bite. When one is used to the delicious flavor of organic carrots, those covered with herbicides and pesticides seem bitter. I decided to do without until the organic crop is ready for harvest. They are sold with the leaves which I use to make pesto.
DSCN4442 bunches of carrot with tops for pesto.JPG
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I made a new year's resolution for 2021 to eat only organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, beans, grains, etc. I changed from walking a block to Que Comes Cuando Comes to picking up my order from Tallo Verde at my door. I place an order online every Wednesday that is delivered Thursday afternoon. I decided that I wanted to eat the most nutritious food possible. Their site is easy to use for placing an order and then pay with a debit card or posnet at your door. All the produce is washed and ready to eat.

During the pandemic, I know that one of the best decisions I make daily for my health is to eat organic to keep my immune system strong.