Organic food

You'd do well to use the search box on this site and use "Organic" as your search term. You probably won't find much about Olavarria but you'll discover that organic doesn't have the same tight, controlled and certified meaning that it does in the USA so buying organic is a bit caveat emptorish. You may have to look further afield than Olavarria but when you browse the search results they may give you some ideas about other places to go. If you come across organic sources others haven't yet mentioned, do report back to the forum.
Sometimes out in the province, city hall, will sponsor some sort of farmers market , normally they are pretty small and not exactly organic, but i think that would be a good way to start your search, also dieteticas sometimes claim to have certain items totally organic....... good luck to you pilgrim
Got a few: Not sure about your neighborhood though.

1.) I learned about most organic stuff here from the restaurant Catalino. They only use farm to table ingredients and include the name of the farms on the menu so you go out and support the farms yourself. It's in their interest for these farms to succeed.

2.) Haven't really gone yet to purchase from AlmaZen yet but apparently it's all organic. Many of the farm-to-table farms supply their products there if I'm correct.

3.) Look for also. I hadn't heard of this but my wife says we buy our eggs from the local dietetica from them.

Good luck!!
Hey! I’m Laura Montoya, and I have a business called Sana Me, that prepares and distributes organic, vegan and local food, and we focus on mindful eating. My contact number is 1135739558, and my email is
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there are a couple of dieteticas, but my guess is you might end up making a weekly run to Tandil, where, given the more affluent population, the presence of college kids, and the general hipster factor, I know there is a fair amount of options.
I discovered MATCHA LIFE last week, which opened in January 2018 in Recoleta, that carries some organic, gluten-free, and vegan products (all marked on the shelves). It was fun just browsing their incredible selection of prepared and packaged items. I rarely enter traditional grocery stores. Matcha Life had me captivated with all their products. My local dietetica doesn't carry ground cloves (clavo de olor molido de Turquia) or natural peanut butter without salt and sugar (Nina's mantequilla de mani), but I found them at Matcha Life.