overstay tourist visa


Jan 19, 2010
Hi,my tourit visa is about to be due in a few days. The thing is I my old passport was being used to get my new one. I totally forgot the dates as I didnt have it with me for a few weeks. My new passport obviously doesn't have any markings on it, I am wondering if this detail could save me from the overstayed visa in case I dont leave for Uruguay or somewhere else in time? Also if they do realize I overstayed my visa when and where would I pay for the penalty fee? Thanks!
having a clean passport won't make any difference, it's all on computers these days. I know you can pay a 300 peso fee when leaving the country at the airport, though not sure what they'd do if you went on a colonia run...perhaps just yell at you. Others may know.
Argentine immigrations should have your original details in the computer. If you have your old passport (it should have been returned to you with the new one) you shouldn't have a problem.

You can go to migraciones and asks for 90 more days IF your current tourist visa has not expired...even if you have a "new" passport.
Hi, thanks for the quick response...My next question is: If I do overstay my visa and I am willing to pay the fine, will anything else happen? I mean, if the fine is 300 pesos I might as well pay that on the airport than having to waste half a day in immigraciones and pay the same amount for a renewal right? next request: can someone please help me count the days till my visa gets expired? The thing is my last trip to Uruguay was on the 20th of December 2009, counting 90 days from the 21 of Dec. I would have till next Saturday to get my next 90 days right? Or should I count from day 20? Thanks again ;)
To avoid paying the fine, you'd have to exit the country on Saturday, March 20.
Thanks everyone! By the way, the calculator was really useful!
About paying the fine... I have a flight on March 30 (a Tuesday) at 7:30 am. I plan on getting there very early but will the place to pay be open?

And, should I go to immigration first so they tell me how and where to pay/give me a piece of paper that says I have to pay, or should I find the place to pay and then go through immigration ready to go?

Gracias por la ayuda!
If it isn't open to pay what can they do?

I have never heard of anyone that has been prevented from leaving the country except for native born Argentines who re-entered Argentina on a foreign passport and overstayed their 60 day tourist visa.
FYI, though they scan your passport when you come into the country, there is no "system" that keeps track of your goings locally (in the network sense I mean) So that when they scan you it's not as if something comes up on a screen, the information is one way (going out) only. If you are an American with a new passport you will have to pay the $130 US fee again. Not matter if you paid it already ( i believe they stapled the receipt inside of mine) If you haven't paid it already, then be prepared.
This is what I am told by my friend who spends 6 months out of every year here.