Overstaying 90-day limit

To Steve: there are places where dual-citizenship isn't permissible but I don't think Canada is one of them.
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Your comment inspired me to research the question and here's a very relevant post Dr. Rubilar made on December 15, 2011!!

Hi, some clarifications. I am a local attorney.

The law changed a year ago and now, to overstay and to abuse of the visa renewal are both equally illegal, that s why I always suggest to overstay instead of doing the Uruguay trip because it is useless and a jeopardy because they can deny your re entry.

However, this is a civilized country where those illegalities doesn't mean that your are committing a crime, it is just an administrative irregularity that can he healed if you apply for residency or citizenship.

Citizenship has low requirements in this country (if you enforce the valid law, of course) and you can apply after 1 year with your passport, a police address certificate and you can evidence your honest way of living using 2 witnesses.

The procedure takes 1 year more or less.

You don t give up your Canadian citizenship. I suggest you e mail the Canadian Consul in Argentina and you ask about any doubt you have.

You can read more about this at my website.

PS: The above quote was posted in another thread about (drum roll) foreigners overstaying the 90 day visa. The big change in the "law" came with the decree in 2010, but even in 2014 there was a post by a veteran member who wrote that employees at migraciones were laughing at North Americans who thought they had something to fear about overstaying their 90 day visas.

At least (based on Dr. Rubilar's comments),there seems to be less to fear now than there was several months ago.
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Stay in Uruguay, we do not miss you.

FYI having AR DNI you have the right to live there, it is not a matter of attitude, it is the law ;)
I am in Argentina and certainly have no taste for what is going around here. I wish I could go back but family issues . Inflation and dumb and dumber seems to the way of life here. Not that is any different any place in the world you but Argies have taken that to a new level. But I have plan I always have a plan. Power going out, internet cutting out. inflation night mare still in motion, nothing is done with excellence or on time it is a mighty long list.
And the married to an ARG skip imaginations is for real working that route now. I wonder which will happen first the DNI which was supposed to take 90 days NOT.. LOL . Or the citizenship one only has to wonder. Or maybe I will just back to US and find some Trumpsters to speak Spanish to them until they assult me and the defend myself with lethal force. One good thing about Argentina there are no Trumpsters here I thank God for that daily. Might be a few in BA but I have not run into one here.