Portable Wifi Router

I rent an apartment in Recoleta. I work on the internet and am having frequent connectivity problems. Has anyone solved this with a portable wifi router?

If you have or looked into it, any details please?
I could not get good wifi in different rooms of our apartment. I then bought several Google Mesh pods, and the problem was solved. Eero has a similar system. Hope this helps.


There are two separate issues- the modem that your internet provider has supplied- in my case, a black box from Fibertel.
And your own additional wi-fi router.
I have used both apple airport and google mesh routers, and both work well.
But they are unable to work if you are not getting a good internet connection in the first place.
In my house, the problem is ALWAYS with fibertel, not my routers.
And there is nothing a different router will do about that.
As some people suggested, you may be able to use your phone, and not a hardwired internet connection- but that is usually more expensive.
I think some people were hooking up DSL along with their broadband. So when the broadband went down, they just switched to the DSL. I don't know if DSL is available anymore in BA. But if so, you could run dual providers.
I just bought a TP Link router for some rooms in my house. It seems to be working well. They costs around $2000 pesos in any computer store, like Garbarino.