Private Healthcare


Aug 10, 2005
Anybody have experience with Hospital Aleman?

I'm curious why their rates are significantly more expensive than Hospital Britanico. Their rep told me it was because they have the best doctors & less problems with staff. Comparing the plan pamphlets, I also noticed that Aleman required less of a waiting period to use their services.

There's an old expression. "you getwhat you pay for". In the recent past I would get an appointment for an annual eye exam within a few days; this year I had to wait over 3 weeks. Yes, Hospital Britanico has a clinic type facility on MT Alvear and Montevideo. Do you know where the main hospital is? Probably far away from where yo live.
I went to Hospital Aleman a couple times when I first arrived here. I wasn't impressed at all: I waited to see the doctor for a good amount of time (granted, I didn't have an appointment) I didn't find the examining room particularly comfortable or nice, and the doctor saw me for two seconds told me I had gas and rushed me out. It wasn't gas or anything near it, and where I was finally taken care of was Hospital San Camilo in Caballito, which is a Catholic hospital. I never hear anyone speak of this hospital but it was honestly the best I have been to. Appointments within 7 days in most cases, the guardia or emergency room is always well-staffed and quick-moving, night and day, and the doctors really seemed to pay attention to my concerns. The administration staff are helpful and (get ready for it) efficient, and I am actually sad that I no longer live near that hospital. I have OSDE medical insurance which covered everything, but I think they accept others.

At Hopsital Aleman I was also put off by the long lines to do anything-- just to talk to the admin, the guardia lines, and especially the lines to drop off or pick up tests. And this was a weekday morning! Maybe it was a crazy time for them, but I honestly wouldn't get an 'only Hospital Aleman' insurance plan.

I have friends who go to the Swiss Medical in Palermo I think it is, or at least the closest to Palermo, they say it is like a 5 store hotel, no waiting, always wonderful.

Best of luck.
We always go there. During some time my sister worked there as a dentist and I know how it works.

If you are in real trouble they move fast, very fast. The have all the necessary equipment to find what's going wrong.

I can't know for certain if it is the best hospital in town, but for sure its among the best.

Don't expect fast food attention if you have a headache.
In my honest opinion and as a local who worked with doctors ( neurosurgeons ) for many years, I would say that Hospital Aleman, Hospital Italiano, Hospital Fernandez ( public ), are the best in the city for emergencies and complex surgeries. I am not talking about how nice the waiting rooms look, etc but the quality and proficiency of the doctors and equipment they have. Then you have one step below several that are very good and nice like Instituto del Diagnostico, Sanatorio Otamendi, Mater dei, San Camilo, Los Arcos, Swiss Medical, etc.
I only went to Hopital Aleman once, and I was impressed with their speed and eficacy.
I can only recommend it.