Private Pilot Licensing/Lessons


Mar 12, 2010
Looking for information on obtaining a fixed winged airplane private pilot license in Buenos Aires. What is the state of general aviation in the country. Who should I talk to and which airport provides training....Please provide known resources . Gracias
I can't answer the question you are asking, but I would like to ask you another: how good is your castellano? I know English is the international language of aviation but I also know - from direct experience - that it was possible to become a fully qualified military pilot in Argentina and speak no English. Whether this is the case in civil and/or private aviation I simply do not know but I would strongly advise you against getting into any flying situation that you couldn't get out of using confident Spanish.
There are classes inthe Aero Club in San Fernado, they issue licences too, I think it is the best place.
My girlfriend's abuelo told me he did some civil flying... about a hundred hours, down in bahia blanca. I know that he speaks ZERO english, so obviously the controllers speak spanish and english on the radio which can be dangerous because you don't know what they are saying are what the controller is telling other aircraft. However at elhombre said... All ATC must speak english, IATA and ICAO both say they have to...

I have done my fair share of flights to montreal... Can't be that much more dangerous here... They speak french to all local domestic traffic. It sucks.

One other thing that I would point out... and I am not sure if it transfers over because both are latin countries... But we did some training about what the airline calls "god syndrome" To summarize ATC in Mexico will always think you are right. If you tell them you want to go to 4000 ft and turn left, they will OK you for that even if there is a 10,000ft mountain. They figure that you are the trained pilot and you know what you are doing. They will let you fly right into the mountain. Reference the AA 951 flight in cali columbia.

Be safe, trust no one.
To be flying in Argentina (and train for a Private Pilot Licence) I would recommend you to go to the San Fernando airfield, and enroll for classes of theory and flight lessons. No need to select expensive airplanes, the least expensive will do, such as the Cessna 150-152 type. For flying in Argentina, I would recommend you to know Castellano. Argentina ATC is not English proficient, except where international airlines and traffic is operating, such as Ezeiza. The Argentina Private Pilot Licence is valid internationally (ICAO) - What you could also do, is training for same in Miami (USA) area numerous flight schools, which is inexpensive and can be completed in less than a month's time. That requires English proficiency. The USA licence (FAA) is also valid internationally.
I am a retired airline 747 captain, and I used to fly small private airplanes occasionally for fun, with friends. I went a few times to San Fernando airfield, but not recently. I will gladly answer any questions you might have.
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