private salsa classes in BA?


Feb 27, 2007
Hello. Anyone know of good private salsa lessons in BA. I tried a group lesson at azucar last night, but it was packed and i couldn't even see the instructor. so any recomendations on getting a good private instructor would be much appreciated. Thanks
The guys who teach those group classes will also give you a private lesson if you ask them after the show. You can try either Azucar or Sudaca. The problem is that if you don't have a partner it would be difficult because you would either have to dance with them or try to mime your way through the "vueltas" solo which would really be a waste of time and money. I used to study with a guy out in the burbs who had an act together with his wife and also taught a class to locals. It was a good hook up because they would rent a rehearsal studio in the city and I could dance with his girlfriend while he watched and critiqued. Unfortunately I lost track of his number otherwise I would give it to you. I can tell you that the way that I found him was just by googling "Salsa and Buenos Aires". I got a list of names and started working my way through them. My only advice to you would be to avoid the dance studios. They are expensive and some of the teachers there really don't specialize in salsa even though they advertise as such. If you are pretty outgoing you could actually learn some things just by hanging out at Azucar Belgrano and asking people to dance. It might be a little intimidating upstairs but if you are not afraid to be a little embarassed it is not so bad downstairs and also they don't have a "Saturday Night Fever Nazi Salsa vibe" like in Sudaca where it is like no beginners allowed.
great. Thanks for the reply. Can you give me a range for how much private lessons cost? Thanks again for your help.
It's hard to remember because this was about a year ago when I first arrived but I think that I was paying 50 pesos per hour for both teachers and taking 2 classes per week (each class was 2 hours long) and the rental of the studio. Actually, now that I think about it, it might be worth it to run by the studio (that is if I can provide the right address). I think that it was Callao 86 (near the corner of Bartolome Mitre) in Congreso apartment 4B. It is an apartment redone into about 4 dance studios with mirrored walls. All of the teachers there rent out the space based on their students needs and most were teaching Tango classes but I am sure that the woman who rents out the studio time has numbers for many teachers. Sorry, I wish that I still had their phone number.
Hey no problem. Thanks for the quick reply. i'm going to look into this tomorrow.