Puppies Are Not Just For Christmas But...


Two pleas for dog lovers on behalf of my totally amazing dog-rescuing friend, Ely. In the past 2 months she has rescued 3 more puppies, bathed, fed, treated and cuddled them and they are now ready for rehoming.

This daschund was found wet and shivering, lying in a pit. He was extremely underweight, dirty and showed evidence of having been beaten. At first he could only be fed with a pipette. These pictures show him from two months ago. He is doing so much better now, has gained a lot of weight and is ready for a family.

This brother and sister (Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix, at a guess) were found as tiny pups living in a dumpster. They are about 3 months old. The sister is brown and very playful. The brother is white, a little more shy but adores cuddles.

All three pups have been living in Ely's home with adults, other dogs and children, so are very well socialised. They've all been seen by a vet and are healthy and happy.

I've written before about adopting a street dog in Argentina. There have been ups and downs but my boyfriend and I both agree it's still the best thing we've ever done with our lives. Please PM me for any advice, any time. Ely would keep all three dogs in a flash, but she already has three of her own, all rescued from the street. She knows these puppies deserve their own homes with all the love and attention they can get.

Contact Ely directly for more information about the pups: ely13 at hotmail.com

I've just given a very brief description of their backgrounds and characteristics, and she can tell you a lot more. She speaks English and Spanish and is also able to transport the pups to their new homes.

Thanks for reading!


I hope the pups found an owner. I would like to take in a street dog sometimes but then I can't in my apt. and I don't know when I may have to leave all of a sudden. I give them food on the street if I see them, dogs like ham :)