Re: Chavez in BA tomorrow to protest Bush


Jul 8, 2006
"NJCaramelo" said:
I saw a press photo of protestors in front of Citibank (Sao Paulo) burning flags as Bush visited that city today. Tomorrow I fear the same anti US sentiment will bring danger and unsafety as Chavez will be protesting in BA. Should I be worried to walk out the streets the next few days? I think I scream foreigner...
Yes, you should be worried, for your mental health.
Why on earth should anyone pick on you if you are foreign. Be it African, Asian, Bolivian, Russian or any other race or nationality, just because Chavez might be visiting.
Get a grip.
PedroC, your answer is what makes NJCaramelo's fears seem well founded, Chavez or no Chavez. Must you be so appallingly rude?
NJCaramelo, I don't think you need to be afraid, just street-wise. Remember to seek information of where these anti-Bush demonstrations will take place, and just avoid them. It is unfortunate, but the nonsensical ravings of Mr. Chavez's lunatic mind seem to be rather popular around here these days.
I am a proud native Argentinian, and I am just as scared as you are. IMO, Mr. Chavez is far worse than Castro...
I received an email from the US embassy advising American citizens to avoid the area around the stadium. Whenever you are in doubt you can check the State Department's website. In the case of demonstrations like this it is wise to stay out of the area involved.
I am going to go seek refuge at the American embassy come tomorrow it will be the only safe place in Argentina for Americans.