Retiro Station By Night - Safe?

I got used to walking in BA by night but this time is a bit different, I need to get to Omnibus Station in Retiro around 1.00 hrs in the night, with wife and child (and also some stuff we take with us). I was just wondering if it's safe enough to walk there (we leave near plaza san martin) - I guess it is fine, but since there's a villa there I would like to get some advice from you guys. :)
I will walk to the bus in daylight hours but I am careful of pickpockets especially as I look foreign and a lot more prosperous than most of the people. It's a pretty miserable area. Take a taxi. Find out what "anden" the bus leaves from and tell the driver to take you to that entrance. Be careful of the people who open taxi doors, expecting a tip. Be on your guard.
I should add, try to get a reliable taxi. To get access to the terminal ramps the taxi has to make a big U-turn in a pretty dark industrial type area. I don't think a taxi driver will be annoyed at a relatively short ride. At 1 AM there is not all that much business. I imagine drivers take what they can get.
The worst part is by the train stations. If you decided to go walking, go by the Sheraton block, then turn where most buses do. A bus terminal wing starts right there.
Now, with family and some stuff, I'd take the cab.


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Good advice here, Kosta. There are a lot of unsavory opportunists in the Retiro area and I am always SUPER CAREFUL with my stuff at Retiro. So far so good for me but I've heard about everything anyone could come up with for robbing people there or making off with a piece of luggage. Last time my son and nephew headed off that way to take the bus they got the old bird doo out of Heaven on them. My son said in Spanish, "Don't try that with me, I LIVE here." (he speaks Spanish well enough people think he's from Brazil--his accent is not U.S. for some reason--and his attitude is no nonsense). I think it's worse when you have a group of people and several pieces of luggage. I will tell you what he tells me. If anything happens that takes your attention--someone falls and appears injured--anything like that, immediately gather your things and stand back where you can assess the situation. Let it be a signal to you to turn your attention to your stuff and your family--not the event in front o f you. This is the kind of tricks that they pull, one of MANY.

I am probably old enough to be your grandmother and I take late buses a lot for the convenience of sleeping much of the trip but I, too, take a taxi to Retiro..
Unusual question .....? ........... :D walk at 1 am with a family..... :eek:
since there's a villa there I would like to get some advice from you guys. :)
Please make sure you strap an expensive camera around your neck and have your iPhone and iPad on display and flash your wallet with cold US$ large bills .... while you're dragging wife and kids and luggage around the railway tracks and the villa there ..... what do you think ?