Should I Bring My Bike Or Buy One In Ba?


Jul 15, 2015
Hi all, I am moving to BA in just a few days and will be living there for at least the next two years (though mostly not in summers). I love biking and would like to bike in the city. Do you think I should buy a bike in BA, or bring my current bike there with me?

I am not a racer, and the bike I have is not seriously high-end, just one that I really enjoy. The problems with bringing it to BA are the risk of damage from bringing it on the plane, the cost of plane transport, and the fact that I would almost definitely need to bring it back and forth each summer when I return to the US (thus, further cost and hassle).

If I did buy one there, I would be looking to spend under $500 USD and for it be a road bike, preferably single-speed. Would it be possible to find a new or used bike in good shape there? What do you think?

Thanks for advice and ideas!

You can check mercado libre to see, what they are selling here and then decide. I'm actually selling mine, practically new, since when I changed job biking was no an option anymore. But is probably not what you are searching for. Anyway, pm me, if you want details.
There was a guy a while ago in this forum, there was a guy who was thinking about bringing in his Ferrari (I am not making this up). Maybe he can share his experiences on how that went.
Since you plan on taking it back and forth to the US, I am inclined to suggest you buy one here. If not, I would say to bring it! I miss my bike! I had a great TREK city bike, so comfy and perfect for me, but sold it before I came. I regret that now.
Bring your bike the options here suck.

Alternatively bring good components and buy a steel frame here (although they suck as well).

If you can afford it, just buy another bike back in the US and leave it there.
You can buy nice Trek bicycles here. The Fujis aren't so bad either. Bring spare inner tubes because the Argentine ones explode while you're inflating them or changing the tires.
How much does it cost to take the bike on the plane?
I think you're charged the same amount as an extra suitcase. I can't remember how much I was charged a few months ago because I was charged for both my bicycle and cat.
Probably the best option would be to buy something nice outside and at the end selling here. Even with paying extra for plain you probably profit. Certainly it is not worth bringing here and then back.