Special Education for daughter with Down Syndrome


Mar 3, 2006
I am a magazine editor from Texas, moving to Buenos Aires in the fall with my two daughters if I can get their schooling worked out. I am going to look at the Lincoln School for the younger one, but my 18 year old has Down Syndrome, and we are looking for a day school for her. Does anyone know of anything in B.A.? Thanks!
I was so interested to read your question. I am still here in Texas as a matter of fact, -Austin. I will graduate this summber from Texas State University. -What part of Texas are you from?
I am planning on moving to Buenos Aires later this August. Another reason that I responded, is that two of my neices in Sugarland have Downs Syndrome -one is 7, the other is about 5. If there would be anyway that I could help you before you go, my family is connected with several Downs Syndrome orginizations. -If you want, I could ask them and see if they would know of International (i.e. Buenos Aires) support systems
Feel free to write me at [email protected]
-Rebecca Mahfouz