suggestion for the Nov.18th dinner


I agree with the comment about Mykonos by admin - restaurants with show are not the best for us, we could hardly mingle - so far, the best expat dinner environment was Aug.2005 at La Querencia in Recoleta (reasonable prices, interesting regional food), but if somebody can suggest a place with round tables it would be even better!



I believe that with 25 people at the table and a restaurant noise you will be able to speak only to the people next to you anyway. Even if it is a round table. We need to find some place where it is not assumed that people should sit at the same places all the time. Food court, say in Village Recoleta, would be too drastic change probably. May be we should go for an upscale all-you-can-eat place. I like Quorum Gourmet right behind the Congress building, for example.