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Hello, Admin!
For some reason, my username went back to the one that I had originally signed up on the forum with (Lauren23), though I had changed it to Vagrant Violet in 2013. Is there any way to change it back to the Vagrant Violet one? I cannot seem to figure it out. I would really appreciate it.
Thank you! :)


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Hi @Vagrant Violet , I've changed your name, please use it to log in as well.

As far as why it happened, I tried to explain it before.

Some users created a display name that is different from their login name. New software presently supports only one name, so it will be login name only. If you would like to change your login name (either before or after the move), please email me to or send me a PM.


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I probably prefer Helvetica over Segoe UI, but my larger point is that there should be just one font, whichever you choose.
Put differently, the default font should be one which will be supported on the majority of devices.
As it stands now, any Windows computer gets Segoe UI, any Mac/iPhone/iPad displays Helvetica Neue (unless you manually install Segoe UI on the Mac, then will also display Segoe UI), and Android appears to default to Roboto.
Find one font that will work across devices, and use it.
Thanks for the font recs from another expat who notices these things!
Great looks great feels great so happy with the update...
However still needs work or is my computer problem?
  1. Jumping to the first unread message still unresolved
  2. Highlighted text background is so light that can go unnoticed
  3. Also on unread messages on the first page the Highlighting is so LIGHT its hard to notice
Dear Admin /Igor
Jumping to the first Unread message in a thread still PENDING..
Highlighted threads titles where there are Unread Messages. Pending.??



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Jumping to the first Unread message in a thread still PENDING..
Let's take the very first thread for example.

Title: Looking for suggestions regarding presents to take to the UK.

Notice /unread at the end.

When I click on the link I jump to the first unread post directly.

Does it work differently for you?