The quarantine is likely to be extended until July 12th


AF, with all due respect, should remember that the Argentine people voted for a politician, not for a doctor. He should rule as a (clever) politician, not as a fear-mongering medical doctor.

Rich One

The "NEW" Alberto is the one who apparently has great affection for CFK, the old Alberto was the one who said she was corrupt, destroyed the economy and wanted public office to escape prosecution.

I believe the "OLD" Alberto.
The "NEW" Alberto has a much younger girlfriend a new collie Dylan..! This reincarnation may give someone a totally new perspective on life . To be the Figure Head at the Bow of the Cristina Vessel



I see your 12th of July, I raise it to 15th of fucking September.

quiero comprar este boludo un viaje afuera del pais.


I still maintain that the pandemic was a conscpiracy by data scientists to have an excuse to constantly unleash their annoying scatterplots onto the public, about 1% of whom probably know how to read them properly.

on the brink

Finally Jerry you make sense a PAC ( Peso Argentino Convertible) A CUC currency like in the Castro's Kingdom Jurassic Park Island Well we are there we have several dollars the CUC or official Dollar rate and many other rates .
What is a "CUC currency"? I don't know what the letters stand for.