thinking of coming in june


May 27, 2008

i got a big job for 10 months (i work freelance) starting in early july. so june is my only chance to travel. is it completely retarded to come to b a in the winter?

i just want to hang out, check out the city, work on my laptop, do some yoga.

is this feasible? what about finding a short term lease?


thanks for any input

I first arrived in BA for a two month visit in early May, 2006. I liked it so much I decided to live here. Winter in BA isn't bad compared to most of the US. If you are from San Diego you will be cold. If you are from Chicago you will be delighted. It only snows once a century (last year) with no accumulation. I wore a sweater yesterday and I was warm enough. Many Argentines were wearing coats or jackets, but a few were in t-shirts. I found a great apartment in Palermo on craigslist. I don't know if its available in June, but I've sent you the contact information in a private note, so just log in and check "my notes". The apartment is in a new building just off (and with a view of) Boulevard Charcas with 24 hour security, cable tv and internet access were available. There is a great patio in the back and the maid is wonderful.