Troublesome Foreigners Will Be Kicked Out


Sep 18, 2009
I'm still trying to get my head round this one.
According to LN, reporting on CFK's speech yesterday, foreigners who commit crimes here, such as social unrest will be expelled from the country for 15 years.
This came shortly after her reference to the well known case of the Canadian (?) tourist filming the erm, thief trying to mug him, which contextually is the wrong way round.
Whilst I was too busy doing other things to watch her speech, I'm still trying to figure out what brought this on. Maybe she's aware that many foreigners don't agree with her policies and actively take part in cacerolazos and I seem to remember seeing an inordinate amount of secret police in the last one I followed in Olivos.
Naturally one should applaud the closing of the revolving justice door for these common thieves, but I still can't fathom why foreigners have been brought into this by security minister Berni.
Dude, this is the oldest trick there is in the political playbook: Blame the foreigner. US and European politicians are masters at that art. Cristina might as well adopt the strategy too.
Fair point, but you and I don't fall for this trick do we?
So who does?
Fair point, but you and I don't fall for this trick do we?
So who does?

These guys
Nice distraction Cristina !! Botox definitely going to her head.

Not quite. Politically speaking, it is a very rational (but ruthless) move. She has nothing to lose politically by making this move, and might be even able to get some dividends out of it.
When most Argentines hear the word 'extranjero', they are not thinking of dissident computer technicians from Wales; they are thinking of Bolivians, Peruvians and Colombians. This latest charade comes in the context of the recently escalating drug war rhetoric coming through the media and from Minister of Interior Berni. As wonderful and intelligent as we all are on this site, we are nevertheless statistically insignificant, unlike the browner folks against whom most of the wrath is aimed.

In the context of the speech, she was discussing "the revolving door" often mentioned by critics of the current legal system. So make no mistake, this is yet another bone being tossed by the Ks to the rabid right wing here.
Berni won this argument, although she still had to get a jibe in about insecurity being "marketing" , is marketing more tangible than a sensation?