UBA Enrollment


Jan 10, 2010

I'm interested in taking a course at UBA and am having trouble finding the information I'm looking for on their website. I have a college degree from the US, but would like to take a class or two just for fun at UBA. I speak fluent Spanish so that's not a big issue. I was most interested in the undergraduate level courses.

I don't understand if I would have to take any common classes before I could take the specific class I wanted? Would they need or want to see my college degree or just my high school degree?

Any other advice on reistering at UBA would be helpful.
If it's the same for all colleges, you can take whatever classes you're prepared to pay for, once you've had your high school certificate translated and approved as equivalent to theirs.

I've got 2 post-grad degrees, but they still insisted on a high school certificate - which there's no equivalent of in the UK - got fed up with trying to jump through all the hoops and gave up in the end!
pay for? I thought UBA classes were free (at the undergrad level)?? I've thought about doing this, too, but haven't looked into it. Although I'm not even sure where my high school diploma is right now... so that might put me off. Anyway, any other input?
If you have a DNI, yes you can take classes at a public university gratis.
I posted extensive information about this, run a search on the forum