Urgent Sale Way Below Market price

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Jun 20, 2006
I have a great deal for any investor who is looking for a excellent price . Im offering a 38.5 metre studio in a brand new project Edificio centenario 2 http://www.centenario2.com.ar/ located on Lavalleja 147 Almagro Buenos aires
Located within 8 blocks to the fashionable district of Palermo Soho this is a fantastic location for any expat to Buenos Aires.

The price is just US $ 46500 and will sell fast so be quick
Private me for more details.
sound like a great deal, please tell me what floor it is on and if it is frente or not, also do you have any estimate on expensas? This will be a good indication on the BA market for new apartments.
The floor is 2A frente. The expenses are 290 pesos per month approximate.
May I add that "Market Price" is what a Seller is willing to sell for and a Buyer is willing to pay for within and at a certain time. Therefore this is the "Market Price" for this apartment and not "way below market price".
However I do have to say it sounds like a really good deal.:)
This is a great deal, a friend of mine bought near this location for 1500 a meter recently. I do not have a need but if I know of someone, I will let you know.
PBpalermo said:
This is a great deal, a friend of mine bought near this location for 1500 a meter recently. I do not have a need but if I know of someone, I will let you know.

I doubt if there is a better deal in Buenos Aires for a new build of this construction with the superb amenities that this building offers so anyone who wants to have a great cheap place in Buenos Aires drop us a line.

The exact metres are 38.5 . Click on link for further info

It's a good deal! Buyers, sellers, unimportant, just review the local market for new builds and make your own comparison, it is below the market guide prices per SQM and therefore Peri's post is reasonable. If you have purchased property in Buenos Aires you will know that the vendors are resistant to negotiation, wear blinkers and even when the market and agents tell them otherwise, they will hold-out for exactly the price they set in their minds. When it comes to property, my Argentine friends tell me there is always someone who will bite – you must have patience.
Possession March 2010
The building is not yet finished, the World is in economic crisis... I would say that the pricing reflects that. It may be even a little too high.
Then you have to figure the 'Buenos Aires factor' and really start to understand the peculiarities of the market. You are right about the world, but maybe not quite on the ball in regards to 'hub' Buenos Aires. What might turn matters on their head would be civil unrest and a fall in rental incomes because tourism implodes – not there yet though. Finger crossed.
Rad The apartment has been reserved to a local Argentine who saw my ad in Craigslist . This is a high quality build with excellent amenities valued at US$1200 a metre . If you can send me a link of a cheaper property in Buenos Aires I would appreciate it.

The market price for Villa Crespo and this neighbourhood is US 1300 to US 1700 a metre for a used apartment . New apartments go for US 1500 to US 1950 a metre in this barrio.
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