Vamos Los Pumas!


Sep 26, 2005
What an amazing Rugby World Cup this is turning out to be.
Against all the predictions....All Blacks out, Australia out and Argentina now in the semi finals for the first time. Wow!
Arg v Scot was not a pretty game to watch, in fact you could say it was dull as rugby goes. But Argentina always play with passion and flare. Luckily this came to the fore, eventually.
France? Well, I was ecstatic when they beat NZ. Not because I have anything against the All Blacks, simply because France was up against a team regarded as invincable and beyond reproach. France played with passion, just like the Pumas.
The Haka was an interesting vision and Sebastian Chabal's response, facing them off, nose to nose said it all. They were not going down, and they didn't.
I admire the French rugby team. Alwas have.
Now for the Semi Finals next Saturday. Can't wait.
Vamos Los Pumas!!!