Wanting 2 make some GFs 2


Hi Ladies,
Very excited about the idea, I am local but I relocated to BA from NC after 5 years of living in the US so I definitely look for friends. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow at 3 at Buddah Bar.
Flavia, red long hair, daisy flower on my coat. See ya!

"Bairesgirl" said:
Ok then 3pm BuddhaBA it is, on Arribeños 2288.
Jicassochica is joining us, so is nesie975... anyone else???


sorry to miss this one as would have loved to join you gals. Am in london till september but will definately be up for these get togethers in the future


Hi. I'm sorry I couldn't make it today, but I ended up getting back to the city later than I expected.
Is anyone up for meeting on Friday in the late afternoon/early evening? And will you be meeting next Sunday? It's going to be a long weekend, so I'm not sure if people will be going out of town.


We all know that it is a fact that it take takes years of friendship to be even invited to a portenos home for tea and migas or dinner. My question is, amongst the US community of expats is it common to invite and be invited in their homes for a home cooked meal and wine?
I am seriously considering "upsetting the apple cart" in my portenos thoughts on this matter. Some people frown at this open invitation policy that I have and that I am "not picky"enough in choosing friends. But I say life is too short to figure in a ten year friendship as the barometer to qualify one person to break bread with me, what do you gals think?