Wanting 2 make some GFs 2


Yeah! The afternoon tea meeting was a great success and we must thank Bairesgirl for the choosing the location! Now we need to plan for next week...I will start a new tread for that.
G...thanks for the question, for it is a fabulous idea for you to host a tea at your house, so I would recommend coming to the next meeting so we can all meet and plan for a future get-together. While I am on that pt., we can also get creative and try different things, as one person mentioned at tea....hosting native food parties from your country of orgin as one example. Yikes...hope we are not getting ahead of ourselves, but I think you get what i am saying, open to new ideas.
Wow...didn't mean to offend the boys, but it is just for girls (for right now) to get acquainted, for I promise there is no intent to discriminate! However there are still BA Expat dinners and other events with plenty of ladies.
As far as keeping it private, I understand the threat of stalkers is always a concern, but I think we are still growing and want to keep the forum public to meet more people. If this poses a problem for others...let me know. ;-)