Wanting 2 make some GFs 2


Apr 5, 2007
Ok Ladies, a couple of us discussed this on Sunday.....lets start a weekly coffee meet-up for women on Sundays at 3 pm! So anyone can attend and I think it would be best to rotate locations to make it a little bit more "get to know the city".
So any recommendations for the first meeting??? We were thinking it should definately be a cafe b/c it tends to be more difficult to find each other in a mall setting....people keep missing each other.
One meeting venue I would suggest for this all-girls meetup would be the rest/bar/te house Buddhaba in Barrio Chino/Chinatown in Belgrano .
It has a beautiful tea room and art gallery and it could be an opportunity for those who dont know the area yet to stroll around or do some shopping in china town b4 or after the meeting ...
Hi. I'd love to meet up with you gals on Sunday, but I probably won't be able to make it there until 4PM or so. Will it be Buddha BA then?
Thanks Bairesgirl.....Buddha BA it is! Nessie975 I am sure we will be there till atleast 5. Lets try to keep this post going so more people will see it.
Grandaiscool thanks for the recommendation, infact if you can get together your finest female get-up...you can come too! ;-)
I am returning to BA on Monday, so I am missing the baexpat dinner (yet again!) and this Sunday's get together but I hope to join the group another time. My fiance is opening a store for me and I hope the ladies will be able to visit my store sometime in September - the store is under renovation at this time.
Ok then 3pm BuddhaBA it is, on Arribeños 2288.
Jicassochica is joining us, so is nesie975... anyone else???
Hi! I'm Brenda and i'm from Texas. I would love to meet you guys on Sunday. Count me in.
okay, I got up at 1pm last sunday :p I don´t have boob implants, I´m local, I don´t starve, I will try to make it there, bright red hair pls pssst me if I cannot find u :)