Water Filter for Drinking Clorinated Water


Oct 18, 2007
The water here seems to be heavily chlorinated in BsAs. I can even taste it when I make tea.

I looked around for water filters but had no luck. I hate buying all those plastic bottles for water. Any suggestions?
Water filters are surprisingly hard to find here. Last year I saw the type of water filter that attaches to the kitchen faucet at Easy in Palermo (Av Int Bullrich Y Cervino). It was made in Italy and cost about $135 pesos.
Put the tap water in bottle and then in the fridge for a few hours (a night) and the chlore-taste should be less... That is what my argentine friends taught me.
The operative word Katti is "taste". The chlorine is not going away. The coldness reduces your tongue's ability to taste. The wine-tasting world knows this well. Part of the swishing/swirling is to warm up the wine to allow you to taste it.

There was a thread recently over in the BANewcomers list about various available filters. Anyone have the results handy? We're using the last filter that we brought with us from the US, and my wife doesn't like to use either chlorinated water or mineral water for her maté.
that is what I said the "chlore-tast" should be less..
Yes, sorry Katti. I didn't mean to say otherwise, only to emphasize/clarify what you said. I should have written 'The operative word that Kattie wrote is "taste".'
The lady I used to stay with has a filter, I don't know where she gets it from, but I will be back over at the weekend. If anyone drops me a PM I will try to find out.
It's too bad filters aren't used here - so much unnecessary plastic waste...

A quick Google search indicates that chlorinated water is associated with bladder, colon cancer etc. But that might be someone trying to sell filters!

I need to drink a lot of water to keep those nasty kidney stones at bay.

Any information on BsAs water quality, heavy metals, etc?

A friend of mine work for Conosur they have a wide range of water filters the store is in Colegiales

el lugar. L apagina de Conosur se esta actualizando www.conosursa.com.ar el telefono 4543-5536, mail [email protected] o a [email protected], gracias.

He doesn`t speak English but I can help if necessary

I bought there a washing machine and I saw a wide variety of water filters most probably I will have also to buy one.
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I have a water filter at home. Too bad I cant remember the name. But if you send me a PM to remind me, I will get u the info.
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