What happened to Yanqui Mike?


Jun 6, 2005
His multiple websites seem to be either down or broken. I don't see ads for Dems Abroad anywhere. Does anybody know what's going on? Not to say that I miss him very much. Just curious.

A little reference:

Yanqui Mike is a notorious local figure known for a long term stance against baexpats site. He maintained a "Baexpats Hate" website for several years. (It goes up each time when he decides to put some pressure).

Chairman of Democrats Abroad Argentina, ousted this January for alleged irregularities in management of funds donated to Obama's campaign and subsequently reelected.
That is an excellent question! I used to get Sunday updates from Democrats abroad aka Yanqui Mike but haven't gotten one recently. I know there was some bad blood between him and, well, everyone, but I would be shocked if he's left the country.

Does anyone have any updates on his whereabouts?
Perhaps Argentina isn't such a great place for foreign control freaks after all.

Perhaps he is back in the USA doing the lord's work (community organizing).
too much expat drama, lol

and i never made it to one of his parties
Its just amazing how thoughtful intelligent people can revert to such schoolyard behavior... Mike was not arrested, was not ousted for tampering with funds, is still the chairman of Democrats abroad, is still in BA. He is working on several projects, has just moved, and is getting new web page servers (hence the lack of recent postings). I haven't seen any "Hate" postings except the above.
Any updates on this Mike character? Is he still in Argentina?
Sometime in 2011.I believe,I was at one of the Pot Luck Dinners in Palermo that used to be hosted by Samuel Wynn ward of Good Morning Buenos Aires when Yanqui Mike stopped in unexpectedly. I spoke to him for a few minutes but I can't recall about what.Neither he nor his meet ups were favorites of mine.I continued going to the Pot Luck Dinners which were great until they stopped in 2012.I believe he had gone to live in the"campo" where his Argentine wife had some land and cattle.
It really didn't register with me because I wasn't that interested in what had happened to him.
It appears he passed away recently. I always enjoyed hanging with Mike at drinking liberally when I would pass through BA.