Where do you expect to be in one year's time?



You mean with respect to geography?
Well, after enough posts on this thread, I finally got the gist of what you were asking. (I don't know how I missed that it was so obvious!)

My simple answer is this:

Long range plans and projections never work out. I just hope to be alive and well and where ever I am, I will make the best of the situation.

Where would I like to be?

I'd like to be somewhere warm and peaceful. It can be anywhere.

Ronnie Hotdogs

Unless Argentina becomes a totally failed state and it becomes so unsafe that I fear for my wife and daughters safety we will be staying.

There seems to be a massive amount of panic on here and most of it seems to be driven by the worry that your pocket will be impacted by being unable to take advantage of the blue dollar.

If you leave the country because you have to live somewhat like the average argentine would doing the same job then I’d argue that you won’t be missed.


I'm still waiting for health experts to tell us to get some sun, exercise, eat healthy, not stress because these same health experts have destroyed the economy and caused mass job losses and social unrest in the name of protecting us and trying to tell us what rights we have (reality is its none).
None of those things will allow them to profit or take power, so they will never give you the simple solutions.


I'm sorry but what exactly isn't correct? They announced they are averaging one new case a day now. Not hundreds or thousands.
here are the 2 most up to date sources
Sweden never aimed at herd immunity and they have been saying it from day one. But their mortality rate is steadily going down and is now was below UK, Belgium and a few more countries that did go into lock down.
What their leading epidemiologist was saying all alone is that the real mortality rate can only calculated once it's all over and that by that time most countries will be in the same range. Their high rate in the beginning was due to long term care homes being affected, same happened in Canada where the rate is now down to just above 6 - and it was above 9 before. They repeatedly admitted that they failed to protect the most vulnerable and the virus 'burned' through that layer of population quickly...They certainly are much better psychologically as a society - even if not so much better economically.
You can appreciate their leading epidemiologists point of view first hand, it's worth devoting an hour to get informed.



As of today they have had a total of 5851 deaths since the pandemic began.

Today they had 180 new cases, yesterday 106 and the day before 206.

According to this, at best the virus has infected 30% of the population, but many think the figure is much lower: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/uk-abandoned-herd-immunity-while-sweden-embraced-it-how-possible-is-it-to-achieve-herd-immunity-without-a-vaccine-2020-08-26

But, I agree with you: Sweden is a very interesting case. Their approach was different. People were very quick to condemn it. Many still do so. But the truth will only be known at the end, and the end is a long way off.
Read this from the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/15/sweden-records-its-fewest-daily-covid-19-cases-since-march