Where do you expect to be in one year's time?


If you leave your home to, for example, spend 2 months in Thailand, is there any risk of squatters seizing your house?
This has become very common in Spain.
Couple of houses I am interested in CABA belong to famous politicians of Arg. I doubt anyone will survive if they squat!


The celebrated Dr Fauci in the US just stated that the vaccine is expected to be 50% effective, maybe less. I've read that for those 65+ it could be no more than 20% -- IF there is a SAFE vaccine. A vaccine is NOT going to be a panacea. Social distancing will have to continue. I'm astonished at how few people are aware of this.


If only we could dance tango in twelve months. Unless a vaccine arrives, even in 12 months tango will be a clandestine activity for the young and the brave/crazy.
all tango dancers are crazy. lots of my milonga friends have been dancing in small groups for a while now. and they are by no means 'young'