who qualifies as a "baexpat"?

I am moving to BA from USA but originally from Southeast Asia. Already love the topics, dicsussions, sentiments and tips given here, but would like to know if I qualify to join the dinners and group gatherings once I arrive in BA. The baexpats is a WOW group, great minds, intellectuals, perspectives, realities and smiles. You really do know how to have a good time. I will continue to read, it is a great gateway to BA. Have a nice day and thank you for your comments in advance.
I think you need to schedule an interview with our admission board.
Just kidding :)
Baexpats is an open group, so you are definitely welcome to participate in any activities.
We will be especially delighted to see you at our dinners.
Thank you very much for the warm welcome. :) I am really looking forward to this move. Is there anyone in the expat circle that might be originally from Asia? I would love to hear from anyone.