Why Argentine Women are so Angry!


that is very sad for Argentinian women, they should enjoy life a bit more :)
In Brazil there are also more women than men, but they are very happy people still even when they are single after 40s... they go to Dance FORRO!!!


I worked at a company here for a short while when I first arrived and some of the women were angry because they were extremely underpaid. Some had been working there for 3+ years and were barely earning $2000 pesos per month. The guys were paid about the same but didn't seem to be as bothered. Some of these women gossiped about everybody's pay daily and if you came out of an office with a manager the first question they would ask is if you got a raise and how much.


Haha, when I was travelling in Mexico and Central America, and I was actively thinking of coming to Argentina, all the Argentinean men I met warned me about the women here, saying invariably that they were "complicada". Having been here awhile now, I think they they are stronger than other latinas, and the men less macho.


steveinbsas said:
You must not be so hungry!

But I must thank God for so many slim hips

IOW: I think they (ARGENTINE) women are angry because they are so hungry!

If I am encouraging unhealthy behavior, I apologize.

But I am still grateful, especially as I walk through the streets of el centro.
Steve, I don't think that THIS porteña is angry.

...nor is this one...

...or this one.

In fact, I'd have to say that I've noticed LOTS of "not-angry" girls in the microcenter. ;)


i don´t think we can single out women here as being grumpy in the service industry. i think argentines are generally adverse to ´serving´ (clients in travel agents, customers in clothes stores, in restuarants..wherever) and get grumpy or give ¨attitude¨ because they have a culture of being served on in their homes, it´s almost as though they take each moment on the job as an insult to serve others and want you to know that they are certainly not used to ´serving.´

Also people here are more direct, more expressive and more dramatic which for our senstive and sometimes bland selves can rub off the wrong way. In their defense, I would say that if I were an argentine woman i would also be ´complicada´ and ´histérica´ at times when it came to men here...


I recently came back to new york. getting off the plane in jfk i went to an information desk to ask about train times. before i even glimpsed the woman behind the counter, i started bracing myself for an unhappy encounter.

i was not disappointed. the woman behind the counter could barely look up from texting on her cell phone to give me an answer. when i asked a more detailed question, she clicked her inch long finger nails along the desk top in disgust, handed me a pamphlet, and gave me a look that said "no more questions".

i'm not saying that women are necessarily more or less friendly or happy in either country. however as far as service is concerned, i came to expect a higher level of engagement and warmth in buenos aires. the motives behind the warmth may seem, at times, questionable, but either way ill take it.

in both new york and bsas i tend to get about 15 different answers to the same question every time i try to get something done. of course in ny everything eventually happens at a much faster pace, but there is something comforting about the porteno tendency to play to their own beat.


My sister lived here before and she said to me one thing.
Just do it to them like they do it to you, they will probably like that!


I agree -- there IS an anger in many Argentine women.... It's not just a coincidence, but as far as I can see, something going on in the culture. Many of them are so mean for no apparent reason... They show a blatant lack of respect in many situations, especially women working at restaurants, teachers, in buses and trains, etc... I think it has something to do with an inferiority complex to a degree; a way for them to compensate for something they are lacking -- maybe they feel ugly or inadequate in some way, so they choose to hurt others to empower themselves. Sad.


I noticed that if you check out an argentine woman , she pegs u as a baboso , if you purposely omit looking at her , then in her eyes you are gay . I think that hysterical fits the bill. then again , Im generalising. Its my opinion that for the most part , argentine women seek acknowlegement in a machista world. Therein lies the cunundrum